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RP again? [Jan. 26th, 2005|12:07 am]
The X Universe

Hey lee. ryan and i want to get the rp started again. if you're interested, let me know. if you arent, i'm going to bug you until you are! muahahaha!

okay. sleep time now!
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Brief [May. 30th, 2003|04:04 pm]
The X Universe

May 30, 2003
Scene: Inside the kitchen, mainly.
After bursting into the kitchen, Wolverine sat down and helped himself to some of Prism's delicious ravioli. He received a transmission from the Professor on the location of Shadow and the mutants who stole the Dalothrian Orb. They had stopped at Point North, New York. Wolverine sent Physic to go power up the jet, which Physic has never done before. They are soon to be on their way...
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Wednesday, May 14, 2003 [May. 15th, 2003|09:52 am]
The X Universe

Scene: Within the school and the secret base.
Picking up where we left off...
After receiving the Professor's telepathic communication, Physic, Prism, and Iris returned to the school. Meanwhile, Cortex and Damnation returned to their base looking for Surge. After finding her, she informed them that Shadow has joined their side of her own free will. Cortex is suspicious of this and goes to see the girl and after a brief conversation he locks her in a room for the night. Cortex returns to find Surge and Damnation bickering, and then they turn their attention to the Dalothrian orb. Cortex reveals that he does not know exactly what it does, but just that it is a powerful device.

Back at the school, the Professor gathers everybody together and begins to debrief them about the Dalothrian Orb. He reveals that it is a most powerful weapon, sent to him for protection from the future by a time travelling mutant. The Professor explained how, in the future, they discovered that adamantium is able to store genetic code and that the Dalothrian Orb was created by humans and carries an RNA virus that overwrites the mutant gene, effectively making mutants human.

Prism asked the Professor why any mutant would want to do that to other mutants, and he explained that they most likely wish to be the only ones, and thus unstoppable. The professor then paused everyone's mental functioning and disappeared, leaving it to them to figure out what to do.

Physic, wavering on how to procede, suddenly received a telepathic communication from the Professor regarding a special package for him left in the lab. He went to the lab to check it out as Prism and Iris left for the base to do some reconnaissance. At the base Prism and Iris tried to snoop around without getting caught. Prism teleported into the base and managed to get a glimpse of Cortex, Damnation, and Surge. She returned to Iris and relayed this to her, then decided they had to find Shadow.

Meanwhile, in the lab, Physic opened the package he received from the Professor. It was a unique metallic alloy, which Physic placed in a drawer containing two black leather gloves. He then grabbed a propulsion pack and used it to propel himself while levitating towards the base. He entered the base and began wandering around, looking for Prism and Iris.

By this time Prism and Iris had discovered Shadow left in a locked room. Prism teleported into the room and told Shadow she had to get her out of there, but Shadow refused to leave.

Damnation became aware that there were intruders in the base and sent out his clones to find them and destroy them. The clones found Physic who managed to electrocute them and get away. They also found Prism, Iris, and Shadow and trapped them in a heat field. Physic then heard Prism yelling and tried to find her, but by this time Cortex had ordered Surge to collapse the building, which had begun shaking violently. Prism, along with Shadow and Iris, managed to get out of the building as Physic was lost within. While outside, Shadow ran back into the building looking for Surge and then ran out via the back exit. Physic was hit by a falling rock, which broke his leg. He neared the exit, but fell down and was saved by Prism who rushed back in and dragged him out right before the building collapsed.

Physic healed his broken leg as Prism sat on the ground resisting the urge to vomit caused by the intense shaking. During this time, Shadow met up with Surge, Damnation, and Cortex which showed Cortex that they might possibly be able to trust her. They then went to an airport and left on a plane for an abandoned military base upstate.

Meanwhile, Iris suggested they return to the school and regroup, which they did. Physic went to his room and laid down, upset by their failure, when Prism arrived and they talked about the situation. Prism then went to make dinner, and so Physic joined her and Iris. As Prism was cooking, and Physic and Iris were eating the salad, the door to the kitchen flew open, and standing there... was Wolverine.
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(no subject) [May. 11th, 2003|02:17 pm]
The X Universe

I have listed some characters that are free for people to use. If you want a character of your own claim it in the comments section.

Freefall: a perky goth girl that limited powers over gravity, powers are still undeveloped
and weak. {warning this character was "borrowed" from the comicbook Gen13}
Twitters: a mischiveous telekinetic chipmunk with a fondness for candy.
Mystere: a half-dragon (roughly a reptile-like and human shaped) sorcerer, that was
magicly frozen in time during the dark ages, who just awoke in the 2002. The world is new and strange to him.
Ben Cravens: an organic-cyborg that can tap into and talk directly to computers, and is
programed to do his masters bidding. He has the capacity to have his abilities upgraded. What would happen if he ever escapes his cruel masters control.

Order of the Yellow Rose: a ninja clan who excels in martial arts, reconnocence, and have mystical healing powers, but what are their secret motives, do they work for good or evil, who is there secretive leader?
Protectors of the New Moon: a guild of mutants that all have a strong connection to the
earth. Members are usually reclusive and prefer to remain apart from the public’s lives. However, it would be wise to treat them well should there ever be a rebellious faction that strives to "restore the balance to the Earth"
The Tattlers: a loosely organized but widespread assosiation of outcast mutants (similar to Marvel’s Morlocks) that can be found in every major city if you know where to look. They believe in survival of the fittest and every action has a cost, becareful of the price that is paid for there help.
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RP Summar for Saturday, May 10, 2003 [May. 11th, 2003|01:28 pm]
The X Universe

Scene: Within the School, the surrounding grounds, a secret hide-out nearby.

Prism was teleporting about the exterior of the school looking for Physic who was supposed to be on his rounds, but little did she know that he was in fact on his rounds, but at the Hospital where he works. Crossover was outside also looking around or walking around, and after a bit of arguing with a tree who apparently stole his wallet, he went into the grass and never came back. Physic arrived to find Prism and now Iris outside looking for him, and reminded them that he does have a job. Iris went inside to the kitchen after she sensed tension between Physic and Prism. After their brief conversation about Prism having a bad feeling, they too went inside. Prism sat down to watch TV while Physic read the newspaper and drank coffee. Iris joined him and Shadow sat by herself in the dining room.

Meanwhile, at a nearby secret hide out, the mutants Damnation and Cortex were meeting, plotting something sinister. Surge was also there. After a bit of evil bickering, the plan was hatched and Damnation released his clones to go kidnap a student...

The clones arrived at the school and used Damnation's thermokinetic power to increase the temperature inside. Iris sounded the alarm as Physic and Prism tried to evacuate the students. During the chaos, Shadow was captured by two clones. Physic, Prism, and Iris went after them but were stopped by a wall of heat. Iris was slightly burned and Physic quickly healed her. The three then took off with Iris' nightvision leading the way that the kidnappers went.

Damnation's clones gave Shadow to Cortex, who took control of her nervous system and knocked her out with his power. Cortex and Damnation then left for the school, to steal the Dalothrian Orb, leaving Shadow under Surge's watch. Shadow later awoke about 15 minutes later.

Physic, Prism, and Iris arrived at the secret base and Prism tried to teleport inside but was blocked by the intense heat in the walls that one of Damnation's clones was generating. Physic managed to project enough telekinetic force to cause the wall to rupture and crumble, and so became severely drained. It wasn't until 5 clones came out, and then divided into 10 that he got his energy back from the adrenaline rush. Prism began to fight the clones, taking some out with her light power, but they kept dividing. Physic managed to shock and stun a few of them with his electrokinesis. Surge and Shadow also came out, and Shadow began to attack Prism with rocks. Shadows attack confused Prism. Iris was screaming at the clones, but to no avail. They just kept coming. Prism called upon Physic to do something and so Physic managed to project a 360 degree wave of force, knocking down all the clones and eradicating them. He quickly passed out.

Shadow and Surge took off running within the compound. Prism followed them and began to attack Surge, who in turn knelt to the ground, placed her hand upon it and generated a giant earthquake, as well as force-waves in the air. This disrupted Prism's floating ability and she fell to the ground. The shaking also awoke Physic who made his way into the compound, led by Iris. Prism was preparing a massive light ball attack on Surge, when Shadow went over towards her side. Prism launched her attack just as Physic arrived, and he thrust out his hands, deflecting her ball of light and sparing Shadow (and unfortunately Surge) from possible termination. Physic then went over and grabbed Shadow's arm; and projected a force shield between them and Surge. Shadow animated a large rock and threw it at Physic, hitting him in the back and causing him to release her. Shadow then willingly ran off with Surge.

Left alone in the compound, Prism, Physic, and Iris realized that it was all just a diversion and quickly headed back toward the school. When they arrived they could not enter do to a massive heat wall encapsulating the entire structure. They had to wait it out...

Inside, Cortex and Damnation were in The Professor's office, tearing it apart. They discovered a secret book case which Damnation burned through and on the other side on a pedestal was the silver adamantium Dalothrian Orb. Cortex grabbed the orb and he and Damnation left the school, also taking down the heat wall allowing The 3 to enter the school. Clones appeared again and began to attack them. Prism teleported ahead to try and find the thermokinetic doppelganger mutant, leaving Physic and Iris following her trail of lingering light with the clones chasing after them. Prism caught up to Cortex and Damnation and began to attack them, but Damnation created a column of heat which knocked her out of the air. He then put up another heat wall and he and Cortex managed to escape. Physic and Iris arrived seconds after and then they all heard The Professor's voice in their heads, telling them that he sensed that something had happened and would be returning at once, and that he knew that the Orb had been taken.
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RP Summary for Thursday, May 8, 2003 [May. 11th, 2003|01:27 pm]
The X Universe

Scene: Within the Institute of Giftedness and Higher Learning.

Prism and Iris were talking in a hallway. Prism teleported into Physic's room and woke him up, but only temporarily as he went back to sleep. So, Prism and Iris went to the kitchen to get food. They began to talk about Physic who happened to be standing in the doorway because he in fact actually did get up after Prism left. Handoo entered the kitchen in response to Iris' cries of hunger. He brought turkey, which Iris happily began to consume. Physic started making coffee and then he and Prism began to taunt and quip at each other. This extremely irritated Physic who accidently caused the kitchen light to explode, which he quickly fixed. The student Shadow entered the kitchen seeking food and then left to go watch TV. At one point Iris left to go to the bathroom and then entered again, but it was in fact Shadow in Iris' form. Shadow-Iris had fooled Physic and Handoo, but Prism remained skeptical that the girl wasn't her sister. When the real Iris returned, Handoo made a comment that the turkey was not actually turkey and so Iris threw it out, not questioning what in fact it could have possibly been. At that point the Kitchen crew dispersed
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