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[May. 11th, 2003|02:17 pm]
The X Universe


I have listed some characters that are free for people to use. If you want a character of your own claim it in the comments section.

Freefall: a perky goth girl that limited powers over gravity, powers are still undeveloped
and weak. {warning this character was "borrowed" from the comicbook Gen13}
Twitters: a mischiveous telekinetic chipmunk with a fondness for candy.
Mystere: a half-dragon (roughly a reptile-like and human shaped) sorcerer, that was
magicly frozen in time during the dark ages, who just awoke in the 2002. The world is new and strange to him.
Ben Cravens: an organic-cyborg that can tap into and talk directly to computers, and is
programed to do his masters bidding. He has the capacity to have his abilities upgraded. What would happen if he ever escapes his cruel masters control.

Order of the Yellow Rose: a ninja clan who excels in martial arts, reconnocence, and have mystical healing powers, but what are their secret motives, do they work for good or evil, who is there secretive leader?
Protectors of the New Moon: a guild of mutants that all have a strong connection to the
earth. Members are usually reclusive and prefer to remain apart from the public’s lives. However, it would be wise to treat them well should there ever be a rebellious faction that strives to "restore the balance to the Earth"
The Tattlers: a loosely organized but widespread assosiation of outcast mutants (similar to Marvel’s Morlocks) that can be found in every major city if you know where to look. They believe in survival of the fittest and every action has a cost, becareful of the price that is paid for there help.